Table Linens

Table Linens

Installation of “Table Linens” at the University of Akron, 2016

“Table Linens” is a series of life-sized handmade paper dining tables and chairs made from paper from vintage linens. Fashioned after paper toys, this awkward paper furniture flops, droops, and hangs in the space, sometimes covered in patterns or accompanied by elegant fabric sandbags that assist them to stand.

Table Linens: Drawing 1

Table Linens: Drawing 1, 2016

Table Linens: Drawing 2

Table Linens: Drawing 2, 2016

"Table Linens: Drawing 1 & 2" details

“Table Linens: Drawing 1 & 2″ details, 2016

Table Linens

“Table Linens” installed at OSU Mansfield, 2014