A Host of Options

hostofoptions2hostofoptions1“A Host of Options (teacup wallpaper)” is the first is a series of pieces that use small lasercut teacup shapes to create fluttering wallpaper in the space. Installed with mother-of-pearl corsage pins, the teacups dangle by the handle, shifting as the viewer walks through the space.

“A Host of Options (teacup wallpaper)” is a display of 1,250 of these shapes in a 12′ by 30′ space. The shapes have been screen printed with 56 different Haviland brand china patterns. Each individual print is then ‘titled’ with a different pattern name from the Haviland corporation production history. The piece shows the true multiplicity available in porcelain production and through the democratic nature of printmaking.




“A Host of Options (Music for Teacups Wallpaper)” uses black teacup silhouettes to emphasize the patterns that begin to develop on the walls, as well in the music of the “Music for Teacups” videos, which inspired the piece.




“A Host of Options (Luster)” is a display of 1,200 of these shapes that have been screen printed with layers of pearlescent and metallic floral patterns inspired by the opulence in much of the china tableware available.