pi ke puht

Bhar are sometimes referred to as pi ke puht—pi ke meaning ‘to drink’ and puht referring to the sound they make when they hit the ground.


Table Linens

Fashioned after paper toys, this awkward paper furniture flops…


A Host of Options

A Host of Options shows the true multiplicity available in porcelain production and through the democratic nature of printmaking.


Dinner Music

Dinner Music showcases the dining table as the platform for both destruction and redemption.

The Chandelier Series 1

The Chandelier Series

Anti Gravity is a series of large format images made with the 20 x 24 Polaroid camera.

Now this work marks the beginning of an investigation of Haviland & Colagiovanni to create music from video.

Music for Teacups

“Music for Teacups” is a guttural release from the rigidity of etiquette practices…


For Best

Pieces would eventually fall as the couple stacked them higher and higher–until all the china was broken.


Inheritance (Favorites)

Inheritance indulges in multi-color screen print and your favorite cups.