"You can't take it with you...", 2018

You can’t take it with you…

I was trying to stay afloat in a sea of teacups and paper boats.

"White Gold: Blue", piece detail 2, 2018

White Gold: Blue

Inspired by traditional cobalt tableware and travels to once colonial India.


pi ke puht

Bhar are sometimes referred to as pi ke puht—pi ke means ‘to drink’ and puht referring to the sound the cups make when they hit the ground.


Table Linens

Handmade paper from vintage linens.


A Host of Options

Creates a fluttering wallpaper in the space.


Dinner Music

Showcases the dining table as the platform for both destruction and redemption.

The Chandelier Series 1

The Chandelier Series

“The Chandelier Series” relishes in the moment just before the climax…

Now this work marks the beginning of an investigation of Haviland & Colagiovanni to create music from video.

Music for Teacups

“Music for Teacups” is a guttural release from the rigidity of etiquette practices.


For Best

The couple stacked them higher and higher–until all the china was broken.


Inheritance (Favorites)

Inheritance indulges in multi-color screen print and your favorite cups.